Black Tiger Island Spice Beef Jerky Review

Black Tiger Island Spice Beef Jerky

Today I am reviewing Black Tiger Island Spice beef jerky. Black Tiger is a fairly new jerky maker located in La Mirada, California. They have been making jerky commercially for about 3 years now.

According to Black Tiger, this jerky is a mild, spicy recipe inspired by the “thousand islands” of the Pacific. The package is 3 oz. and is resealable. The label design is very modern, you might say exotic with a colorful tiger emerging from the jungle.

Ingredients include beef, barbecue sauce, brown sugar, spices, vinegar, liquid smoke and jalapeno powder. There are 11g protein and 3g fat per serving.

Black Tiger Island Spice Beef Jerky in Package

After opening the bag you notice the jerky is sliced large and is a thin cut. It is quite soft and tears very easy. The first taste is sweetness from the brown sugar then followed by black pepper (from the spices). This jerky has a flavorful spice, but is definitely not hot (for those who do not like heat). Chewability for this jerky is medium. Overall a quite nice flavor. For my complete Black Tiger Island Spice Beef Jerky review, see the video review below.

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