Mingua Beef Jerky Grippos Review

Mingua Beef Jerky Grippos

Today I am reviewing Mingua Beef Jerky’s newest flavor “Grippos”. Mingua Beef Jerky is out of Paris, Kentucky and run by Ronnie Mingua and his family. Three generations of the Mingua family have been producing beef jerky.

From the resealable package (always good for keeping the jerky fresh once it has been opened) there are 3.5 oz of beef jerky made from a solid piece of beef. There are 2g of fat and 14g of protein per 1 oz serving. Ingredients include beef, soy sauce, brown sugar, BBQ spice and liquid smoke. Contains soy, sulfites and monosodium glutamate.

Mingua Grippos Beef Jerky

This jerky tears quite easy. Consistent with out Mingua Beef Jerky flavors this is a very thin sliced jerky. On the initial taste the spice from the Grippos Bar-B-Q is detected followed by a faint sweetness with a full-on beef flavor. Chewability is medium and each chew brings on more flavor. For the complete, detailed review see our Mingua Beef Jerky Grippos Video Review below.

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