Jeff’s Famous Beef Jerky Cajun Style Review

Jeff's Famous Cajun Style Beef Jerky

Today we are reviewing Jeff’s Famous Beef Jerky Cajun Style. Jeff’s Famous Beef Jerky is out of Big Bear, California. We’ve reviewed other flavors of Jeff’s Famous Beef Jerky in the past, but just a quick recap.

Jeff’s Famous Jerky was founded and is managed
by 20 year food service veteran Jeff Richards who began experimenting
with jerky recipes in the early seventies. What started out as a jerky making hobby for friends and family turned in to a real business.

This 3 ounces of Cajun Style beef jerky comes in a resealable package. Ingredients include Beef, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Worchestershire Sauce, Vinegar, Chili Sauce, Spices, Black Pepper, Natural Smoke Flavoring, Paprika, Garlic and Onion.

Like Jeff’s other beef jerky flavors, the cut is approaching medium and has the texture of a soft steak. You can see the spices and pepper and the feel the moisture in the jerky. It is very easy to tear.

Jeff's Famous Cajun Beef Jerky

On first bite, you taste brown sugar sweetness, then a little smokiness
with black pepper followed by Worchestershire. The chewability is very
easy as the jerky is very moist. On the end of the flavor profile you
will start to pick-up on the Cajun seasonings.

The flavor is very well blended. I would not say this jerky is hot, at most a 1 out of 5 on the heat scale. See our Jeff’s Famous Beef Jerky Cajun Style Video review for all of the details.

This is certainly a beef jerky that is hard to put down. You can taste sweet and Cajun flavors along with a wonderful beef flavor. We rate Jeff’s Famous Beef Jerky Cajun Style a must buy!


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