Damn Good Beef Jerky Hot and Spicy Review

Damn Good Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky

Today I am reviewing Damn Good Beef Jerky Hot & Spicy. Damn Good Foods is from Stillwater, New York and offers a variety of flavors. Their jerky making focuses on making jerky that is tender and flavorful.

Unlike many of the jerky makers in today’s market, Damn Good Foods did not start out making jerky as a byproduct of their professional careers in the meat industry. The folks at Damn Good pride themselves on not having previous experience in the food industry. Their backgrounds include construction, sales, and floor care. As a result, they have a fresh, unbiased approach of looking producing jerky that they believe provides the best results.

From the package, there are 22g of protein and 2g of fat in the 1.8oz, single-serving package. Not MSG or nitrates and made with top round beef. Includes cayenne and chile powder to add the “hot and spicy”.

Damn Good Hot and Spicy Beef Jerky

Thickness of this jerky is between thin and medium. On the first taste you will notice a little salt, followed by Worchestershire and a solid beef flavor. There is some spice on the very end. Heat for this one is only 1.5 to 2.0 out of 5.

For our complete review of aroma, flavor, texture, heat and “chewability” please see
our Damn Good Beef Jerky Hot and Spicy Video Review below.


Damn Good Hot & Spicy Jerky has a solid beef flavor and is a good choice for anyone who prefers a thin cut jerky with a mild spice/heat level.

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