Mountain America Alligator Jerky Review

alligator jerky

Today I am reviewing Mountain America Alligator Jerky. This wild game jerky is 100% real Alligator – no fillers. Interest in wild game jerky has been growing the last few years due to its low fat and high protein. Alligator is also low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated fat.Chuck Watson, owner of Mountain America Jerky, has been selling gourmet
jerky since 1997. Their jerky is created using a
handmade process: from slicing, to marinade, to the smoker and
packaging. Chuck makes his jerky in Colorado in a USDA/FDA inspected

Mountain America’s Alligator jerky is a mild Cajun recipe. From the label, the ingredients are Alligator meat, brown sugar, soy powder, water, salt, spices.. No fillers or MSG.

Alligator Jerky

Upon opening the bag, you will immediately notice that it is a thicker cut than most types of jerky. The texture is somewhat soft and a bit “wet”. With the first bite you taste the meat of the alligator and unlike much of the jerky on the market, there is very little salt flavor. As you continue to eat the Alligator jerky the mild Cajun seasoning becomes more noticeable, but not overpowering. For our complete review of flavor, texture, and “chewability” please see our Mountain America Alligator Jerky Video review below.

All wild game jerky from Mountain America is made in small batches so you know that you are always getting fresh jerky. This alligator jerky is more tender than most alligator that you will find in a restaurant. If you are looking for a high protein and delicious snack, then you may want to try Mountain America Alligator Jerky.

If you are interested in other types of jerky made by Mountain America, please see our Mountain America Ostrich Jerky Video review.

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