Jeff’s Famous Real Bacon Jerky Maple Brown Sugar Review

Jeff's Bacon Jerky

Today I am reviewing Jeff’s Famous Real Bacon Jerky, Maple Brown Sugar flavor. Jeff’s Famous Jerky is out of Big Bear, California. Founded and managed by 20 year food service veteran Jeff Richards who began experimenting with jerky recipes in the early seventies.

As often happens with good food products, what started out as a hobby of making jerky for friends and family turned in to a thriving business. Jeff’s original jerky recipe was fine-tuned for almost thirty years until 2009 when demand grow enough for Jeff’s Gourmet Jerky to form.

The ingredients include Bacon, Brown Sugar, Powdered Sugar, 100% pure Maple
Syrup, Water, Balsamic Vinegar.100% real maple syrup. Fully shelf
stable. No refrigeration required. Packaging is resealable and includes 2 oz. of bacon jerky.

In today’s bacon jerky video review we discuss packaging, ingredients, aroma, thickness, flavor, texture and more.

If you are a bacon lover or know one, or even a jerky lover then I strongly recommend you give Jeff’s Real Bacon Jerky a try. Texture and flavor for this one are 5 out of 5.

Jeff's Bacon Jerky
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