Barren Creek Sweet N’ Spicy Beef Jerky Review

Barren Creek Sweet and Spicy Beef JerkyToday we are reviewing Barren Creek Sweet N’ Spicy Beef Jerky. Barren Creek Beef Jerky comes from Johnson’s Mill out on the Barren Creek in New Tazewell, Tennessee. Yes, there is an actual mill and it has been a family owned business for five generations. Originally started by Robert Johnson and now operated by father, Jimmy Johnson, and sons: John and Andy. The Johnson brothers started making their beef jerky since 2008 and today it’s made in a modern USDA inspected facility.

The ingredients for this beef jerky are beef, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, red peppers, tomoato sauce, onions, hot pepper extracts, hot peppers, vinegar, spices, soy oil, garlic and salt. There are 90 calories per serving, 0.5g fat and 12g of protein. No MSG. Allergen Alert: Does contain Wheat and Soy.

After opening this jerky and removing from the package you will notice the cut has a medium thickness. You can see the spices and get a nice aroma of the Worcestershire sauce. On the initial bite you taste beef, Worcestershire and soy then followed by sweetness from the brown sugar. As the chew continues, the subtle spice starts to become more noticeable. It’s worth mentioning that it’s spice and not crazy heat.

For our detailed review of Barren Creek Sweet N’ Spicy Beef Jerky, please see our video review below.

In summary, the flavors work well together and you should give this jerky a try if you are looking for a nice beef, Worcestershire and sweet flavor with mild spice in the background.Armadillo Pepper offer’s this jerky in 3.2 oz sizes for $6.75.
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