Cattaneo Brothers Exta-Thin Cut Style Beef Jerky Review

Cattaneo Extra Thin Hot Beef Jerky

Right out of California comes a very tasty extra-thin, spicy, beef jerky, made from 100% U.S. beef by Cattaneo Brothers.

A little history on the Cattaneo Brothers will quickly reveal that two brothers, Bill and Pino Cattaneo moved with their family to the United States from the northern region of Italy in 1920.

They landed in Boston and then traveled by train to San Luis Obispo, California
where other relatives lived. The two boys entered the butcher
trade and worked for various companies. Eventually, the brothers took $200 of their own money and started Cattaneo

Cattaneo Extra Thin Hot Beef Jerky

Today we are reviewing Cattaneo Brothers Hot Pepper Extra-Thin Cut Beef Jerky. Upon first taste of this beef jerky I got a very strong and bold, beefy flavor, but as I continued to chew the flavors began to further develop.

This jerky is made with only a few simple ingredients, including Habanero peppers, but somehow the Cattaneo Brothers have managed to make this jerky remind me of a “beefy version” of spicy Italian pepperoni. The salt, peppers, and spices really start to develop great flavor as you chew. The salt in this beef jerky is noticeable, so if you like salt this one’s for you.

We also noticed that the extra-thin cut style makes the beef jerky easy to chew.


  • Texture 6 of 10
  • Flavor 7 of 10
  • Heat Scale 5 of 10
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