Mingua Beef Jerky Mild Review

Mingua Mild Beef Jerky

From my home state of Kentucky is a guy by the name of Ronnie Mingua in Bourbon County making some very thin sliced and tasty beef jerky. Since 1993, Ronnie and three generations of his family have been producing his original recipe. The family is quite proud of their Enviro-Pac CHU-2000 cooking equipment.

Enviro-Pac cooks meat at the USDA required levels for both moist or dry operation. Mingua Mild Beef Jerky is made with beef, soy sauce, brown sugar, liquid smoke and no nitrates or preservatives.

At first taste is in fact a mild flavor profile, with a rich beef flavor. The soy sauce is not overpowering like some jerky. Though made with just a few ingredients, the flavor is well balanced. Not any one of the flavors over-powers the other. You will taste a mild soy sauce along with a mild smoke, then a faint sweetness from the brown sugar.

Migua Mild Beef Jerky

The pieces are large and very thinly sliced. In fact, this is the thinnest beef jerky that I have ever had. The jerky is easy to tear into strips and it has nice chewability.

I can tell you that this is one jerky that we keep in the truck and in my daughter’s softball bag. Not because it is from our home state of Kentucky, but because the flavor and texture of this beef jerky is one that you want to have around.

I rate this beef jerky a 5 out of a possible 5.

Mingua Mild Beef Jerky is packaged in 4 oz bags and retails for $7.50. Available at Armadillo Pepper.

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